real-time accounts reporting, wherever you are, whenever you need it

Xero Cloud AccountingBlow Abbott have partnered with Xero, the UK’s leading cloud accounting software. To provide innovative functionality across our cloud accounting packages. Included in our accountancy packages is not only the software, but also our involvement in providing essential bookkeeping services. Tailored accountancy solutions for your individual business needs. Are you confused or concerned about moving to a cloud accounting package? The expert team at Blow Abbott can help sieve through the jargon.


There are a number of add-ons that can be ‘bolted-on’ to your cloud accounting software. Including stock inventory, appointment scheduling, staff job sheets, EPOS systems.

Xero Cloud Accounting software is an ideal solution to maintain core day-to-day bookkeeping and is perfect for many small businesses. Contact us today for more information on cloud accounting for you and your business.

Our cloud accountancy solutions

Cloud Accounting Service

Make the handling of your day-to-day bookkeeping and accounts simple and flexible.  Cloud accounting gives you access to a real-time, online dashboard providing powerful information. Such as sales revenue and cash flow, directly from your smartphone.

Bye Bye Paperwork

No longer shackled to accounts software on your PC, spreadsheets or paper-based systems, cloud accounting uses secure online software. Where your data and software is stored on the cloud. Allowing you access 24/7 from any device that has internet access.

Is it secure?

It may be in the Cloud but your financial information is secure, with automatic data backups and automatic software updates. Cloud accountancy software companies have invested heavily in their data security, otherwise they wouldn’t have a business!


Full Support

Our Cloud Accountancy service provides more than just the software. We will help you choose the right package, help you set it up and decide which services you wish us to carry out and which you are keeping control of. At any time, we are on hand to make sure you can realise the power of this fantastic accountancy tool.