How well do you know Xero?

Welcome to Xero – a cloud based accounting software that puts your financials at your fingertips. We’ve put together some key information that shows you what Xero can do, and how it can help your Lincolnshire business thrive.

Take control anywhere

Xero is online cloud based accounting software that helps you to save time on your paperwork and get paid faster.

  • Stop chasing unpaid invoices.
  • Don’t drown in paperwork.
  • Stay productive on the move.
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How much do you want to do?

Time to learn about the features you’ll use regularly in Xero, and see how they make managing small business finances easier than ever. Xero in Lincolnshire is becoming increasingly popular, see how it could benefit your business today.

Introducing Xero

Check out this introductory video that looks at how Xero works. And why millions of small businesses in Grimsby & Lincolnshire are choosing Xero.


Take a look at the core day to day bookkeeping concepts Xero uses. To get your balances in the right places and generate your reports.

Online Quoting

Quotes drive sales, which generates revenue. Learn how Xero can streamline your sales process.

Help & Support

There are many ways you can get help & support to make sure you are getting the best from Xero.


The Xero dashboards displays your most important financial information at your fingertips.

Bank Reconcilliations

Reconcilling your bank accounts can be a slow and painful task, but with Xero this becomes easy.

Xero Contacts

Xero contacts is more than an address book. It gives you a clear view of your customers or suppliers.

Purchase Bills

With Xero you can keep on top of paying bills whilst an eye on your cash flow.

Sales Invoices

Xero makes invoicing your customers and getting paid faster a seamless process.

The App Marketplace

Xero marketplace makes a breeze to find the online tools to run your business. Xero connects to many quality third party apps that will streamline your processes.

Xero & Blow Abbott

We reviewed the cloud accounting packages in the market. Although we can support them all, we are recommending Xero to our Lincolnshire clients. We are working closely with Xero to ensure our clients get the best from the features and benefits it offers.

On-hand support

We can give you as much, or as little, support as you need. To both transfer your accounts across to Xero, and then start using it for the benefit of your business. Our expert team are always on hand to provide support and advice.

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