We may have been around since 1967, but at Blow Abbott we are constantly evolving and looking for ways to enhance our clients’ experience. Our branding and website has been around for a few years so we thought it was a good time to refresh our look. We also wanted to develop a much stronger web presence that will provide more than just information on our business.

Our new brand

As an independent, fresh-thinking practice, we don’t need to be staid and corporate looking, we could have some fun with our logo and branding!

We already had the 4 colourways used for the four parts of our business – accountancy, payroll, financial services and legal services, so we have built on this colourful approach.

Our new branding is bold and uses a contemporary logo supported by our prism effect that includes each departmental colour, plus many more, to represent our clients and the different sectors they work across.

Each department then has their own version of our logo, and will retain its own colour.



User friendly website

With more and more business being conducted online whether purchasing or information gathering, we wanted our website to provide not only information about our business, but also useful tips and knowledge.

In addition to information about our services we have also included a blog where we will regularly post useful information and practical tips and we are creating a series of more in-depth Guides on topical subjects.

To keep up to date on our latest website posts, just follow us on social media. For our clients, we will also be letting them know, via email when we publish something of interest to them.

And as so many of us are now working remotely or on the go, our new site is responsive, so you will have a great experience no-matter where or what device you view it on.