Taking out a funeral plan gives you the peace of mind that your funeral is pre-planned, pre-designed and pre-paid for when the time comes. Leaving your family behind is hard enough, so take away the strain of choosing and paying for a funeral with our dedicated funeral planning service.

Funeral Plans with Golden Leaves


‘Trusted provider of quality funeral plans for over 30 years’

Golden Leaves have a rich history of funeral planning, from their roots as funeral directors, the family are dedicated to providing you with the best possible funeral for you and your loved ones. It was through popular demand that funeral planning and pre-paid funerals really took off. Golden Leaves funeral plans are now offered through a network of funeral directors right across the UK.

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What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan allows you to design, plan, and pre-pay for your own funeral in advance. This is through a monthly cost, spreading the expense of a funeral over a long period of time and not leaving any nasty surprises for your family when you’re gone.

Funerals in the UK can be very expensive, since 2004 these costs have soared considerably. Funerals now cost in the region of  £4,000 and with rising costs of services and commodities, this amount is expected to rise further over the coming years. Securing your funeral costs now means you pay today’s price, not an inflated price of years down the line. Anyone of any age can plan ahead to ensure they receive the final send-off they really want.

The flexibility of a funeral plan allows you to select the package you want now, are you eco-conscious? Perhaps selecting a green funeral plan meets your requirements. Working with the team at Blow Abbott we can help you decide on the best funeral plan for you. This includes really taking an interest in you and your families requirements while matching this with the perfect and affordable funeral plan.

Interested in teaming up your funeral plan with a Will? Our expert team can help with that too.

The experienced and compassionate team at Blow Abbott are on hand to help with funeral costs and funeral planning. To speak to our Golden Leaves agents, Sophie Vines or Emma Dawson, please call 01472 694569 or email sophie@blowabbott.com