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a competitive, smaller fixed fee cost to obtain the grant of probate on behalf of executors.

The grant only probate service will only be available to non-taxable, non-complex estates, where there is only a requirement to complete an IHT205. i.e. Estates valued under £325,000.

Grant only probate applications enable us to offer a competitive service, even where there is limited work required or where there are limited estate funds available.

Benefits of our Grant Only Probate Service

  • Free initial meeting (at home or business address if required)
  • Low fee quoted at the start of the process (fixed from £500 - £750 plus VAT and disbursements.)
  • For small, less complex estates (valued under £325,000)
  • Advice and support for executor/s from our experienced team
  • Email correspondence from our advisers, where preferred
  • Peace of mind that all aspects of the probate forms have been completed accurately
  • Fast probate application to obtain grant for executor/s use
  • Advisers contactable 7 days a week via email
Executor Helpline: 01472 694569

Our clients say...

Choosing an accountant over a solicitor when it comes to probate helps to make the process smoother, and cuts out the middle man.

Our Grant Only Probate Service Includes:

  • Free initial meeting with deceased’s next of kin and/or executor/s
  • Immediate quote for the service (£600 - £750 plus VAT and disbursements)
  • Advice from our specialist Probate team
  • Fast completion of probate application forms (providing all necessary information has been given by executors) to obtain Grant.
  • Checking and submission of Probate forms
  • Receipt of Grant of Probate

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If you would like to find out more about our service for probate in Lincolnshire, please contact one of our probate specialists Sophie Vines or Elliot Beaumont. We can also assist with finding a will too, so please get in touch if you require our assistance.

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