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Probate is the process involving dealing with a person's assets after their death.

We offer free initial advice to Executors or family members who may need some advice on the probate service and next steps.

Our probate application service in and around Lincolnshire aims to help ease the stress at a difficult time. Our probate legal services expert Sophie is ICAEW accredited for probate. But takes her own compassionate and understanding method with it making the whole process as straight forward as possible.

We work closely with the executor of the will to handle the winding up of the estate efficiently.  In addition, we offer support for family and friends by offering a sympathetic ear at what can be a very emotional and upsetting time. We also offer home visits so we can discuss proceedings in the comfort of your home, which for many makes for a much more relaxed experience overall.

Executor Helpline: 01472 694569

Our clients say...

Choosing an accountant over a solicitor when it comes to probate helps to make the process smoother, and cuts out the middle man.

What are Probate Services?

Probate is the process involved in dealing with a person’s assets on or after their death. The executors in the Will, if the deceased had one, would be responsible for dealing with the person’s assets. As well as distributing them as per their wishes. We are able to aid with finding a will too, should you require this service.

Blow Abbott have a dedicated and experienced legal team to assist those who need help with probate legal services in Grimsby, Cleethorpes, as well as probate in Lincolnshire. There is a wealth of information regarding probate on the Direct Gov website.

A More Personal Service

Traditionally, people have turned to solicitors to handle probate, however this is becoming less common as there are now many other reputable probate service providers to choose from who are often less costly, more personable and still provide the level of expertise and experience that a solicitor offers.

Providing expert probate services in Grimsby & Lincolnshire, we also offer all our clients home visits* for no additional cost.

(*Within a 20 mile radius of Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire)

What is involved in our complete probate service?

Our Complete Probate service is for more complex estates, or for estates where an executor or beneficiary would rather not take on full responsibility of the estate administration themselves. If an executor or family member decides this option is best for them, we will:

  • Information gather
  • Check the will, or advise next of kin
  • Contact relevant financial institutions
  • Gather values of assets and creating a schedule of assets and liabilities
  • Complete probate application
  • Prepare the statement of truth for executors, or administrators
  • Complete HMRC account form/s
  • Calculate any Inheritance Tax due
  • Apply for Grant of Probate
  • Gather the estate and distribute assets
  • Register the Grant with financial institutions
  • Cash investments, pay bills and legacies
  • Prepare the final estate accounts


We charge a fixed fee for this service which will be quoted at our initial meeting with the executor or next of kin. It is at this point that we will be aware of what assets need dealing with and if there is any other work required.

Want to discuss your requirements?

If you would like to find out more about our legal services for probate in Lincolnshire, please contact one of our probate specialists Sophie Vines or Elliot Beaumont. We can also assist with finding a will too, so please get in touch if you require our assistance.

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