a will is so much more than just deciding who your assets should go to when you die, it is also there to protect your family

wills from the comfort of your own home, office or via phone.

Our fees for single will writing start at £95 for a simple will and mirror wills (for a couple) at £140. (Costs excluding VAT)

No one likes to think about what may happen when they are no longer here, but unfortunately, it is a fact of life and having a Last Will & Testament (Will) helps ensure that you decide what happens to not only your assets but also your dependents when you are gone. Let us help you with making a will in Grimsby, Cleethorpes and the surrounding areas of Lincolnshire.

There is a general misconception that wills are only essential for the elderly. But if you have any dependants, a child or even pets, a will is essential to ensure they receive the right care and access to your assets required to continue their lives. As a will is a legally binding document, it is essential to have it professionally produced by a qualified will writer. A professionally written will means your wishes cannot be disputed nor can it be questioned in the court of law.

We recommend you, or a family member, no matter what age, don’t wait until it is too late to get everything in order. If the unthinkable does happen, having a Will in place avoids unnecessary costs, delays and stress for everyone involved. If you would like to take advantage of our legal services, contact our legal expert, Sophie in our Cleethorpes office today for a quote on 01472 694569 or email sophie@blowabbott.com

why do you need to make a Last will & testament?

  • Choose who you wish to inherit your assets. It could be family, friends or even a charity
  • If you have children aged under 18, a will allows you to decide who will look after your children if you weren’t here
  • Name those people you trust to distribute your assets and carry out your wishes (your executors)
  • Minimise inheritance tax (death tax) paid by your loved ones
  • Avoids assets moving away from the family, e.g. in the case of divorce or remarriage of a beneficiary

here are some common myths surrounding wills

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my common law spouse will inherit my assets

The idea of a ‘common law marriage’, if a couple has lived together for a number of years, is not legally enforceable and only by a Last Will & Testament, can you ensure your partner inherits as you wish. So without a Will in place, you partner could be left with nothing should the worst happen.

I am too young for a Will

We all hope for a long life but tragedy can strike at any time and if you are over 18 and have assets such as a house, savings and especially if you have children, it is important to think about securing their future, and you can only do this through a will.

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Wills are expensive

The cost of setting up a Last Will & Testament with Blow Abbott Legal Services depends on the complexity of the will. Our advice and drafting costs start from £95 (plus VAT) for a single will and £140 (plus VAT) for mirror wills. A typical will instruction takes around 30/40 minutes and then within two weeks we will draft and sign the documents off, once you are happy with the details.

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I can draft my own Will

While there are do-it-yourself will kits available, especially online, which promise a cheap price, it is always advised to use a professional.  A Will is a legal document, and like any legal document, the power of it is all down to how robustly it has been drafted. If errors are made it could be invalid, be open to challenge or cause costly delays in probate.