professional and fully-supported payroll bureau service. Taking the stress out of processing your payroll

Payroll: let Blow Abbott take away the strain and headache. Whether you’re an SMB or SME, when you are employing staff, you need to make sure they are paid on time, if not, it could land you in hot water.

Ensuring that payroll is done on time and accurate, while meeting all requirements from HMRC, can be a time-consuming process. While it may sound simple, there are new obligations and pressures being put on businesses all the time.

What was once a fairly simple operation is becoming more and more complex. Blow Abbott payroll services team provide payroll from our offices based in Grimsby, our aim is to take the hassle away from you, so you can get on with what you’re good at.

Payslips changed in 2019, meaning more information has to be displayed on them, to ensure you’re compliant you can check out our blog. We also offer auto enrolment pension services , we truly are the one-stop-shop for all things payroll, payslips and pensions.

A dedicated payroll services team

Blow Abbott have a dedicated payroll bureau, who can take away the pressure and stress of managing your payroll. Delivering professional and efficient payroll services from our Grimsby offices.

fully regulated

We are fully up to date with all the regulations and compliance requirements placed on payroll. We will ensure your payroll is compliant and adheres to current legislation. Including: PAYE and NIC deductions, RTI, and National Minimum and Living Wage legislation.

Contact Rebecca, our payroll manager today for further information on how we can be of assistance on 03333 202409 or contact Rebecca direct on

Our payroll services

payroll support

We provide you with unlimited telephone, email and face-to-face access to our payroll advisers. Providing advice and answering any specific questions you may have. We do not charge separately for this service. We believe it is an integral and essential part of providing our payroll services.

electronic payslips

Blow Abbott have invested in new technology, providing our clients with an option for paperless payroll, through the format of electronic payslips. Employees can choose to receive digital payslips and P60s via our secure email system each pay period. This is often more convenient for employees, and is more efficient and carbon-friendly for you.