avoid unwanted fines from the Pensions Regulator by re-enroling your employees.

Every 3 years you must re-enrol certain employees back into the pension scheme. Pension re-enrolment occurs on the 3rd anniversary of your staging date. Regardless of whether you have staff to re-enrol you must still re-declare compliance with the Pensions Regulator. Failure to re-declare could mean that you will be fined by the Pensions Regulator. This is all dealt with by our Payroll Bureau Team giving you peace of mind that you are fully compliant.

How Blow Abbott can help with pension re-enrolment:

1. Select your re-enrolment date

Employers are given a six-month window in which they need to re-enrol workers. This starts three months before the third anniversary of your staging date and ends three months after. We select a date that is convenient for yourselves.

2. Assess your workers

On your selected re-enrolment date we will assess certain employees to work out if we need to put them back into the pension scheme. This applies to employees that have opted out of the pension scheme, ceased active membership or stopped regular contributions more than 12 months prior to the chosen re-enrolment date.

3. Write to your workers that we have re-enroled

We write to all workers that have been re-enroled. They are then given a six-week period in which they can decide whether they wish to opt out again.

4. Complete your re-declaration of compliance

Compliance must be re-declared within five months of the third anniversary of your staging date, we submit this online.

Our dedicated payroll team can assist you with your re-enrolment duties.


If you would like more information on pension re-enrolment, speak to our friendly team on 03333 202409 or email Rebecca on rebecca.brown@aprobinson.biz or leave us your contact details.